Web-to-Print Pixlpark

Cloud-based ecommerce platform for
printing companies.

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Why printing companies choose Pixlpark?

Leads turn into customers

Pixlpark is not just a promo site - it is a web-to-print system which turns a site visitor to a customer immediately without waiting for them to call or visit your office.

Customer retention

Your customers will appreciate how easy Pixlpark is to use, and loyalty programs will keep them coming back to you for future orders.

24/7 sales support

A typical customer service representative works eight hours a day and can only work at a certain speed. Pixlpark will become your new sales person who will work 24/7.

Reducing expenses

Offering products online means you don’t have to rent an office and hire employees. You could close your unprofitable stores and send your customers to your website.

Bringing in new customers

With Pixlpark you can launch your very own online store in just a few days and start attracting new customers in your region or country.

Cutting-edge technology

Pixlpark is built using modern technologies: user-friendly UX design, cloud hosting, defense against DDoS, SSL, support for mobile devices, and online HTML5 editors.

What products can be offered on Pixlpark?

Photo prints

Photo cards


Photo books

Canvas Prints

Photo gifts

Marketing materials

Banners and posters

What makes Pixlpark so special among other ecommerce system?

Web-to-Print Pixlpark Shopping cart software
(for example, OpenCart)
In-house software
(unique functionality)
Development cost ~ $1 000 $1 000 - $10 000 > $10 000
Time to market 1-4 weeks 1-6 months > 6 months
Ready to start online shop
Online editors
Business processes
Updates and support
 - This depends on your budget, time resources and skills of your dev team.

Who already uses Pixlpark?

Over 100 printing companies from all over the world
have already chosen Pixlpark as their web-to-print platform of choice.

Our Clients Speak

Dmitry Tkachenko

Business owner
www.sohovoprint.ru, Russia

At first we implemented a simple site to receive files for printing. In the process we had many issues which prevented us from providing our clients with the quality of service they deserved. We are very happy that we use this web-to-print system.
We searched for a solution for a long time, and we were ecstatic when we found Pixlpark. It can be configured flexibly and most importantly – it works.
We are very happy that we use this system.

Sergey Lovkiy


We’ve been working with Pixlpark for about a year. During this time we’ve rolled out an online store to sell photography-based services. CRM has a lot of options for managing orders. Discounts, reports, integrating new services -- it all really works.
Right now we’re actively working on expanding our selection of services, implementing not just our own projects, but also those of our partners, which we’ll also manage using CRM.

Andrei Barkalov

Director of development
www.yarkiy.ru, Russia

With Pixlpark we have presented a more convenient and better online product order service to our clients.

For our existing clients it is even more convenient to use this ecommerce than to go to our shops in person to place an order.
We are very happy with this trend.

Anton Kondrashev

Business owner
www.printsegodnya.ru, Russia

Pixlpark is like a construction set you can use to make whatever you want.
The heart of the service is the online editor, which is fast, glitch-free, and able to generate heavy-duty printing designs on the fly in mere seconds. In the end, you get orders that are paid and completely ready for fulfillment.
You can’t beat that!

How to get started with Pixlpark

1. Set up an account on Pixlpark

Confirm that you are ready to proceed, give us an idea what kind of products you are going to offer and we will set up an account for you.

2. Configure prices, texts, etc.

We work together and help you to fine-tune the structure of the website, configure delivery and payment system integration, set up your price list and loyalty programs.

3. Go live!

Launch your marketing campaigns and start receiving your first orders. We will continue our assistance and help you to attract new and recurrent orders more efficiently.

What’s next?