About Pixlpark

6 facts about Pixlpark

10 years of website development
for printing and photo businesses

Successful project launches
in the USA, UK, Russia, and Turkey

Winner of the Oxford Isis Innovation
Start Up competition

More than 100 companies
process their orders through Pixlpark

More than 1000 orders are being processed
by Pixlpark every day

Annual growth of the number
of orders is 40-50%

Pixlpark team

Pixlpark partners

Our Clients Speak

Dmitry Tkachenko

Business owner
www.sohovoprint.ru, Russia

At first we implemented a simple site to receive files for printing. In the process we had many issues which prevented us from providing our clients with the quality of service they deserved. We are very happy that we use this web-to-print system.
We searched for a solution for a long time, and we were ecstatic when we found Pixlpark. It can be configured flexibly and most importantly – it works.
We are very happy that we use this system.

Sergey Lovkiy


We’ve been working with Pixlpark for about a year. During this time we’ve rolled out an online store to sell photography-based services. CRM has a lot of options for managing orders. Discounts, reports, integrating new services -- it all really works.
Right now we’re actively working on expanding our selection of services, implementing not just our own projects, but also those of our partners, which we’ll also manage using CRM.

Andrei Barkalov

Director of development
www.yarkiy.ru, Russia

With Pixlpark we have presented a more convenient and better online product order service to our clients.

For our existing clients it is even more convenient to use this ecommerce than to go to our shops in person to place an order.
We are very happy with this trend.

Anton Kondrashev

Business owner
www.printsegodnya.ru, Russia

Pixlpark is like a construction set you can use to make whatever you want.
The heart of the service is the online editor, which is fast, glitch-free, and able to generate heavy-duty printing designs on the fly in mere seconds. In the end, you get orders that are paid and completely ready for fulfillment.
You can’t beat that!

What’s next?