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Add Web-to-Print Editors to Website

This use case is great for the companies that already have their online print shop,
but would like to add some modules for creating designs or uploading templates.

The process of implementation includes configuration of calculators and editors in Pixlpark admin panel,
integration of calculators editors using IFRAME technology or alternatives, and data exchange between two systems.

Add Web to Print Editors to Website Add Web-to-Print
Editors to Website

Among Our Clients

Launch stages for a project based on the Pixlpark platform

Editors Implementation

The first stage of implementing Pixlpark web-to-print editors in the online store is to set their behavior and cost of products. You can configure the costs of different elements and base your pricing on complex formulas or pricing tables. In case you don't have any resources to do this, we can set up calculators for you as long as you provide us with a set of requirements.

Editör Yapılandırması

"Pixlpark" editörlerini uygulamak için uzmanımız IFRAME'i kullanır, böylece editörlerin kendi URL adresleri olur. Uygulamayı otomatikleştirmek için genel API kullanarak tüm ürünlerin URL adreslerini alabilirsiniz. İstemci bir düzenleyiciyle çalışmayı bitirdikten sonra, oluşturulan öğeler sepete gider ve bir IFRAME öğeleri otomatik olarak gizlenir. Sistem, sepetteki ürünlerle ilgili bilgileri sadece iki hafta boyunca saklar.

Adding Calculators

Besides launching an online print shop on a subdomain and organizing conversions through the links in a header and a footer, you may also implement print calculators on product pages. This way, a customer would be able to make calculations at the product page, and then go straight to the pages for template/print choice, design creation, or mockup upload.

Integration Testing

Since integration testing is a complex process that requires the participation of the developers, we strongly recommend being thorough in the testing process after you finished the integration. It is crucial to get SSL-certificates for the online print shop and editors and check their work on different devices. If you come across any difficulties, our specialists would be happy to help.

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What Our Clients Say

I've been with Pixlpark for four years — since 2016. We picked them because back then, they had the best value on the market, the most extensive functionality, and the highest quality for the lowest price. However, there are other reasons we continue to be their clients. One of them is a superb level of customer care, technical support is always ready to help and answer any of our questions. Another reason is that the platform is constantly developing and growing with new functions and editors added.

We have several websites based on a platform, which helps us with business segmentation.

Pixlpark inspires us to go to new markets such as B2B printing that we would like to expand to in the future. With their help, of course.

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Alex Kuzau, head of Riverdale Photography

We were in the photo printing business for a very long time, and when we thought of starting the online business in 2014, we went through many Web-to-print services and shortlisted Pixlpark.

Pixlpark is a complete and powerful solution, and it is so full of features that whenever you think of something, it already exists in Pixlpark. Our business grew exponentially with Pixlpark, and we saw the revenues going up. It happened so quickly!

During the COVID, Pixlpark has really helped us to provide the services to our customers with ease. The Pixlpark came up with an app for iOS and Android too, which is a big plus, and we plan to start using it next month. The service is too good: you ask for help, and Pixlpark customer support is always prompt in the replies with all the relevant screenshots and even implementation of the technical stuff.

If I had to use one word for the Pixlpark, then it would be a peace of mind.

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Bharat Arora, PrintBucket CEO

We are always very particular in our choice of partners and contractors. We started testing the Pixlpark service 2 years ago and picked the smallest branch of our business. It was retail photo-printing back then it was almost non-existent. In a year and a half, we learned how to work in retail and services. It took hours of communication with technical support and Viktor himself.

This year we made a huge decision and implemented a unified CRM system. Most of the systems on the market looked overly complex, rigid, and difficult to develop and maintain. So we made the same choice as two years ago - we used Pixlpark services. For the last six months, we have been slowly but steadily going to our goal.

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Aleksandr Filipov, co-owner of Optima-Press