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Materials for the app publishing

  1. App icons (high urgency). Icons should be in .png format with no transparency and no rounded angles:
    Necessary sizes:

    120х120px and 180x180px - iPhone icon
    152x152px - iPad icon
    1024x1024px - App Store icon

    512х512px - Google Play icon
    512x512px round with transparency - to display in the phone
    1024х500px - App preview (Feature Graphic, see description below)
  2. App Icon Attributes

    Icons can be identical: you can make the largest one and scale it up.

  3. Texts (low urgency – required for the official publication):
    • App name, privacy policy reference.
    • Description. For an iOS-based app, the description should consist of two parts: promotional text and description.

    Promotional Text (under 170 characters) – is an advertising text, that tells App Store users about the current features of the application. In doing so, no version update is required. This text will appear above the description in the App Store and will be visible for users with iOS 11 or a newer version.

    Description (under 4,000 characters) - is a description of the application, that reveals its functions and capabilities. To edit, a new version is required. For the Android-based app, the short description should consist of 80 characters maximum, and the full one – of 4,000 maximum.

    You can use the following recommendations to write texts:

  4. Feature Graphic.

    This image is necessary so that Google can recommend it on different Google Play pages. You can use it to highlight the app design and attract new users.

    Important! If you need the image to be displayed on the app page in Google Play, add a promo video.

      The image should satisfy the following rules:
    • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (without the alpha-channel).
    • Size: 1024 х 500 pixels.
    • The image for the description should be located before the screenshots on the app page in Google Play. On top of the promo videos will be located the “Play” button.
    • Do not place important information at the edges, especially in the lower third of the image.
    • Use a larger font for text.
    • Remember that the image can be displayed separately, without the app icon.