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Calculator elements localization

As an example let’s consider a simple calculator, consisting only of products (https://demo.pixlpark.com/prints/businesscards).

  1. Let’s go to the “Product” section and choose the necessary product category. (To know, which category is being used, you need to go to the admin panel page where the calculator is located (/prints/businesscards).) There you can copy the name of the calculator - unstretched-canava – and find it the “Product” section, by using that name.

  2. Let’s find the product category and select it, by clicking on it. On the category settings page is located the language change block (right below the title). In our example the English language is set by default.

  3. To localize the name of the product category, go to the “Settings” tab, change the name according to chosen language, and press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Next, choose the Bulgarian language and write the category name in Bulgarian. Save the settings.
  5. Return to the “Products” tab and select the first product. By going to the product settings page, change the product name for two languages, using the same principle as with the category name:
    • for English:
    • for Turkish:

In the product category settings, you can also localize headers of the service fields (quantity input, units of measure, etc.):

  1. Go to the product category and choose the “Setting” tab. Then find the block “Editor elements”. Here you can change the headers, displayed in the calculator. Changes will also be applied to the language, that was chosen in the language change block.

Now let’s look at the calculator, which options affecting the product price (https://demo.pixlpark.com/wall-prints/posters). The principle of the localization of options names is the same as in the first calculator.

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab of the product category and find the “Options” block.
  2. Choose the option “Price per quantity”. After going to the option settings page, find the field “Title on the site page”. In the right upper corner, you can find the language switch. By changing the active switch, you can change the option name for a particular language.
  3. The names of the option position change on the same principle.

Now let’s look at the calculator (https://demo.pixlpark.com/photos/prints), which is actually two linked calculators (as the title Categories says).

  1. Let’s find the product category in the “Product” section and open a “Calculator” tab.
  2. Find the “Products” block. It is indicated here that the current category calculator is linked to the calculator of the category “Photo Posters”. Also, there are active language switches, the same as with the options and their positions names.
  3. The “Title for category list” field is empty now, so on the default, the “Categories” value is displayed. Enter the necessary name.

  4. You can change the name of the “Get started” button, and the “Price” value in the “Localization” section. Also, here you can change the name depending on the selected language.