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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

Flexible Calculators

In the Pixlpark Platform, several calculators for photo printing, printing, marketing, and signage companies are available.
Price formation may be based on pricing tables as well as calculated using complex formulas.

Other than that, you can easily customize calculators and their behavior based on your wants and needs.
For example, a calculator can be a first step in the order process, or you can enable instant orders using a calculator field.

Automatic Generation

  • Enable automatic calculator formation based on products and options picked by user.
  • Join several printing categories in one calculator, for example, by shipping or payment type.
  • Calculate print run cost, including all types of discounts (if user is authorized).
  • Add covers price for multi-page products to the final order cost automatically.
Automatic Generation

Custom Design

  • Display elements of the calculator as buttons, dropdown lists, and radio buttons.
  • Hide or rename elements of a calculator that don’t influence the final cost, for example, Position option.
  • Add a panel with important information below calculators with a large height.
  • Customize buttons Add to cart, and Submit order, and the cost of individual items.
Custom Design

JavaScript and CSS Files Support

  • Customize the design of calculator elements according to your wishes and needs.
  • Apply sliders and illustrations as calculator elements to make your designs more unique.
  • Call external JavaScript functions to display elements picked by the user when he interacts with a calculator.
  • Create a brand-new JavaScript calculator based on the existing logic of calculators in the system.
JavaScript and CSS Files Support

Flexible Pricing

  • Customize the pricing of photo printing, printed products, gift printing, and large-scale printing.
  • Configure Price Formation. It may be based on pricing tables as well as calculated using complex formulas.
  • Calculate cost of large scale printing based on surface or perimeter of printed products if they are different from standard ones.
  • Include all kinds of user discounts in the total cost of a print run if the user logged in.
Flexible Pricing

Full-fledged Order Forms

  • Implement quick orders with a calculator that transfers information about options picked by user.
  • Make items from the calculator being added directly to the cart, bypassing the editor.
  • Add text input fields and file upload option in a calculator; this way, users can include more information about their order.
  • Enable an option to edit items that were added to the cart this way with a special editor.
Full-fledged Order Forms

Integration with External Websites

  • Add JavaScript code (no iframe) to external websites in order to implement calculators.
  • Configure and customize your external website without hiring software developers.
  • Use standard means to design your calculator, so it would look more similar to your corporate website.
  • Set up an automatic redirection from your website to an online store after the user presses the Order button.
Integration with External Websites