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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

Content Management System

Content Mangement System supports several languages and websites versions, and allows to edit their design,
manage their availability, edit page contents, and perform technical website optimization.

This platform includes such functions as making orders, saving custom designs and templates, personal accounts,
authorization with phone number, email, social network accounts, as well as integration with external services.

Website Availability

  • Manage your website availability: give access to everyone or limit it with premeditation.
  • Restrict access to website for search engines and users that are not website administrators.
  • Restructure your websites: new page addresses would be automatically delivered to search engines.
  • Access information about orders and customers through APIs for integration with third party services.
Website Availability

Page Management

  • Delete, edit, and create page contents (text, video, and images), meta-information included.
  • Change websites structure, configure bread crumbs, and assign canonical URLs.
  • Implement markdown and scripts to any page using masks and layers that would help you to place information anywhere on your site.
  • Move duplicated content and markdown to info blocks for easier maintenance.
Page Management

Design Customization

  • Apply our pre-made templates to a header, a menu, a footer, and product pages.
  • Edit CSS and HTML files and create your own unique designs for various elements.
  • Upload your own illustrations and files in order to illustrate products and services.
  • Customize set phrases for all websites, depending on their language and website goal.
Design Customization

Multiple Languages and Subsites

  • Support multiple languages for different websites with an option to switch between those languages.
  • Create separate websites for different services and regions (e.g., website specializing in B2B printing or your website in Spanish).
  • Set up automatic IP based redirection, so users would go to websites most relevant to their location.
  • Manage user orders, templates, prints, and clipart images for all versions of a website simultaneously.
Multiple Languages and Subsites

Embedded Modules

  • Use the Gallery module to show examples of your work that way customers would know what to expect.
  • Post information about updates, announcements, competitions, and promos in the news feed.
  • Write F.A.Q. pages and group informative articles and post them on your website for users that want to learn more about your services.
  • Get reviews via a feedback form and post your favorites for other customers to see.
Embedded Modules

Third Party Services

  • Allow photos import from user devices as well as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.
  • Enable authentication with a phone number or Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter account.
  • Set up data exchange with Google Analytics, Admitad, and other web analytics and marketing services.
  • Integrate your website with any service via the OAuth 2.0 protocol or by implementing scripts in the markdown.
Third Party Services