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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

Customer Relationship Management

The Pixlpark has an extensive admin panel that allows users to customize and manage order processing.
You can easily customize business processes and any automated activities related to them, according to user wishes.

The convenient and easy-to-use interface helps to record online and offline orders,
while online editors help to make sure that designs in your client orders will meet your requirements.

Business Processes

  • Limit assigning different order statuses for various categories of employees.
  • Enable automatic actions for order depending on their status, duration, and other parameters.
  • Distribute orders automatically between different managers and branches of your company.
  • Configure order forms in a number of ways using the admin panel of your website.
Business processes

Custom Order History

  • Pick one of the views, a standard view, or a table one for order history in the admin panel.
  • Configure filtration settings and tabs available (All, Incoming, In Progress, Completed, Canceled).
  • Enable automatic highlight for orders that should be ready in the N number of hours.
  • Rename orders and payment statuses displayed on your websites, as well as the admin panel.
Custom Order History

Detailed Reports

  • Make detailed sales reports based on different criteria and breakdown of the sum for different categories.
  • Give your employees access to personalized reports about sales with a breakdown of the sum for various product categories.
  • Download sales statistics in the Excel-format with all information about orders and customers.
  • Configure multiple templates for order history export using different options.
Detailed Reports

Trigger Notifications

  • Notify employees using e-mails or SMS about different events such as completed orders, coupons activation, and many others.
  • Edit text of notification using HTML or plain text editor using appropriate parameters.
  • Use your own e-mail server to send e-mail notifications to your customers and employees.
  • Send SMS notifications with your account using one of the 6 SMS getaways implemented.
Trigger Notifications

Work with Clients

  • Filter your client list (physical and legal persons) by various parameters, using website filters.
  • Go through order history, discounts available, user balance, and cart contents of your clients.
  • View all e-mails and SMS sent, files uploaded, and all comments made by your employees.
  • Export lists of users with all necessary information available, as well as sales statistics.
Work with Clients

API Integration

  • Get information about orders and customers for integration with external ERP-systems.
  • Share information about order or payment status as well as posted comments.
  • Integrate your store with the third-party websites; this would let users make orders from the cart of external online-stores.
  • Fully functional module for integration with the HP Site Flow ERP system.
API for Integration