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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

E-Commerce Platform

Pixlpark comes with the platform for online-sales of personalized products related to printing.
It’s integrated with various payment systems such as PayPal or Stripe and shipping companies, for example, DPD or DHL.

Customers can sign in using their phone numbers, e-mails, or social network accounts.
User account contains complete order history, all designs created, as well as a list of all discounts currently available.

Checkout Process

  • Customize order forms, checkout process, and order restrictions (sum, amount, delivery, and payment).
  • Add quick order forms, requiring SMS verification to your shopping cart page.
  • Set up calculating and estimation requests, make them modal, or add them to a separate page.
  • Enable cross-sales, coupons of all kinds, commercial proposals, and cart items editing.
Checkout Process

Log in and Sign up

  • Configure log in and sign up options with email or phone number, add your custom fields or use standard ones.
  • Implement authentication with different social networks and services such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Add various custom fields for natural and legal persons to log in and sign in forms of your online store.
  • Enable email verification or verification with a code sent by SMS in order to protect the personal information of your users.
Регистрация и авторизация

User Profile

  • Allow users to edit personal information, uploaded photos, and company’s requisites.
  • Give access to order history, add copies of orders, and enable order comments.
  • Implement reorder function for saved designs and an option to post them on social networks.
  • Provide special offers, information about coupons activated, and access to an account balance with an option to recharge it.
User Profile

Online Store Module

  • Sell finished goods (e.g., photo albums or photo frames) in an online store directly from a warehouse or on-demand.
  • Calculate product costs based on their characteristics (e.g., frame size or material).
  • Write descriptions and metainformation for product categories, product cards, and SEO.
  • Apply implemented marketing tools, delivery and payment systems, and user accounts.
Online Store Module

Marketing Tools

  • Run promotional campaigns and loyalty programs using robust discount systems.
  • Increase sales and revenue growth by adding bonus points to user accounts of the online store.
  • Attract more clients with a partnership program and automatic reward systems.
  • Set up automatic trigger notifications for different events, such as valuable news or special offers.
Marketing Tools

Payment and Delivery

  • Accept payments with cards or payment services such as Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal and others.
  • Take cashless payments, payments from current accounts, and payments on delivery.
  • Configure automatic deliveries by transport companies: DPD, DHL, and others.
  • Use courier deliveries, pick-up points, or your stores to give customers their orders.
Payment and Delivery