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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

Tools for Marketing and SEO

In Pixlpark you can customize discounts, make special offers, cumulative discounts, gift cards, coupons,
partnership program, bonus points systems, discounts for reposts, and discounts for inviting friends.

CMS allows easy SEO-optimisation, while the sales module supports various trigger notifications.
Also, we integrated the platform with various services for user analytics: Google Analytics, Commerce, and Admitad.

Multiple Discounts

  • Implement different types of discounts: coupons, personal, cumulative, as well as repost and referral discounts.
  • Customize discounts: value, number of times they were used, duration, availability, limits, and others.
  • Get extended reports about discounts used and available for users on a cart page.
  • View discounts history as well as coupons and discounts in a user account using an admin panel.
Variety of Discounts

Bonus Programs

  • Add bonus points to user accounts for the orders they have made to increase your sales.
  • Customize discounts: value, number of times they were used, duration, availability, limits, and other parameters.
  • Change the amount of money in user accounts, or view their operations in an admin panel.
  • Generate payment cards for adding points in user accounts and top them up there.
Bonus Programs

Affiliate Programs

  • Attract new leads with the help of your partners and reward them for new clients they brought.
  • Configure the sum of the reward for the orders total based on the time the customer made their last order.
  • Attach users to partners automatically if they go to the website with a special link or with a unique code used for the registration process.
  • Generate coupons for your partners that would be automatically attached to users after they activated them in the cart.
Affiliate Programm

Trigger Notifications

  • Notify clients using e-mails or SMS about different events such as completed orders, coupons activation, and many others.
  • Edit text of notifications using HTML or plain text editor using specific attributes.
  • Develop logic for sending automated e-mails triggered by specific actions made by user.
  • Use e-mail server to send notifications to your customers and employees or send SMS using one of getaways implemented.
Trigger Notifications

Abandoned Carts

  • Track incomplete orders automatically and notify clients in 2 or 48 hours after they added items to the cart.
  • Edit text of notifications using HTML or plain text editor using specific attributes.
  • View information about incomplete orders in an admin panel of your website.
  • Call clients that haven’t completed their orders yet and remind them about it.
Abandoned Carts

Promotional Emails

  • Export information about users in the Excel-format with all information about orders and contacts.
  • Filter and manage website users by their type (customers, leads, visitors, subscribers).
  • Divide users into different groups by their activity, total sum they spent, or amount of orders.
  • Send personalized e-mails using a client base from a segmented Excel-file with all of your users.
Promotional Emails

Full-Fledged SEO

  • Input meta information (page name, description, keywords) for all pages on the website.
  • Edit HTML code of pages in the website CMS and enable the dynamic formation of bread crumbs.
  • Generate robots. txt and sitemap. xml files automatically for better SEO-optimisation and edit them.
  • Set up redirection (in case structure of the website changes) and eliminate all doubles using a canonical tag.
Full SEO-Optimisation

Third Party Services

  • Integrate your website with services for user analytics Google Analytics and Google Commerce.
  • Add an affiliate CPA-network to attract more potential clients to your website with Admitad.
  • Implement service for marketing centralization, optimization, and automation: Mindbox.
  • Make integrations with any third-party services by implementing scripts in the website code.
Third Party Services