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Learn more about Pixlpark platform

Shipping and Payment

Pixlpark platform supports payments with bank cards for physical persons and cashless payments for organizations.
You may also implement payments with bonus points, personal or corporate accounts, as well as pay on delivery.

Orders can be delivered by couriers, shipping companies, or clients can get them at pick up points and sales offices.
Users can also track orders shipping status in their profiles on your website.

Сard Payments

  • Accept card payments using the following services Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, and many others.
  • Limit availability of a payment service based on order total sum, items, and delivery.
  • Change total order cost in an admin panel or enable payments with bonus points.
  • Process information about payments automatically with an option to return them.
Payments with Сards

Wire Transfer

  • Accept client transactions with an automatic bill formation (with or without VAT).
  • Customize bill template in .html format, and the system would automatically convert it to .pdf.
  • Limit availability of bank transactions by order total, product categories, and delivery types.
  • Filter orders by their status and payment options in the admin panel of the website.
Wire Transfer

Payments from User Accounts

  • Accept various types of payments from user accounts form natural and legal persons alike.
  • Allow users to top up their wallets on your website with bank transfers or card payments.
  • Edit information in user account and view their history of operations in the admin panel.
  • Filter and manage orders and by their status and payment options used in the admin panel of the website.
Payments from User Accounts

Pay upon Receiving

  • Allow users to pay for their orders upon receiving or introduce partial prepayments.
  • Set obligatory prepayments for specific categories of products or delivery type.
  • Limit availability of payments upon receiving by order total sum, products, and delivery types.
  • Filter orders by their status and payment options chosen by the client in the admin panel.
Pay upon Receiving

Delivery Сompanies

  • Set up automatic delivery by the following companies DPD, DHL, and others.
  • Upload information automatically about pick-up points and delivery pricing.
  • Notify shipping companies that it’s time for them to take order or send those notifications automatically after the order gets Complete status.
  • Request shipping companies to take multiple deliveries using batch orders function.
Delivery Сompanies

Courier Deliveries

  • Enable courier deliveries to the address specified by the customer in an order form.
  • Limit availability of courier delivery by order total, product category, and payment options.
  • Configure address input fields in order forms on a delivery page to simplify the checkout process.
  • Set different delivery costs depending on the weight and amount of items ordered.
Courier deliveries

Pick-up Points

  • Deliver and distribute orders using your own pick-up points or affiliate ones.
  • Limit availability of pick-up points by order total, product categories, and delivery types.
  • Enable pick-up points display on an interactive map, so clients would be able to pick the closest one.
  • Set different costs for different pick-up points depending on the weight and amount of items.
Pick-up Points

Shipping Documents

  • Print accompanying documents from the order page in the admin panel on the website.
  • Customize various templates for additional documents in .html- and .pdf-formats.
  • Change information about the recipient as well as delivery options for orders created.
  • Filter and manage orders by delivery and payment options in the admin panel.
Shipping Documents