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Results of 2020 and plans for 2021


The previous year had been a difficult one for the world economy and print industry. Our platform is not an exception - we’ve failed to achieve the targets we’ve set at the beginning of 2020. But still, Pixlpark service showed a strong growth even at such a difficult time:

  • The number of Pixlpark users surpassed 320 companies from 21 countries.
  • Annual turnover through the service has increased by 30% to the previous year.
  • The number of final customers has increased 200,000 over the year. In total, they proceeded around 450,000 orders.

Also, during the last year we managed to:

For the following months are also planned:

  • A new view of the delivery page, which will allow you to choose a delivery point directly on the map.
  • Interactive editor for photo books, photo calendars, advertising, and photo products in the mobile app.
  • A new view of the control panel, which is already available in the experimental form.

And the main event of the year for the Pixlpark platform will be the launch of a new online editor with a modern and convenient interface.