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Pixlpark update from 27.10.2020

  • The new version of an admin panel
    • We have created a new version of an admin panel. To turn it own press the user icon in the top right corner and choose the lab icon. It will become a default view in 2021. If you find any errors, message technical support.
  • Integration with PayU
    • We have added an integration with the PayU payment system.
  • Personalized Business Proposal
    • We have added a Personalized Business Proposal: now you can add manager name, Proposal Number, and customer
  • Files Uploaded
    • We extended the number of formats that can be uploaded.
  • Automatic Change for Calendar Covers
    • Now a year on calendar covers will change automatically every October. To enable this feature, message technical support, and we will help you.
  • Calendar Grids
    • We have updated all calendar templates on a demo-website: now they last until 2025. If you want to update them, you need to send a request to technical support.
  • Framed Canvases
    • We have added a new realization of the Frames option. Now users can change the frame color in an Editor and see if it matches the image they want to be printed
  • New Header on a Demo Website
    • We have added a new variant of a header in a configurator.
  • Phone Number Confirmation
    • Now, if there are two accounts with the same phone number, they are merged automatically, but the admin can still separate them if necessary.
  • Coupon discount
    • Now, a discount can be applied to some products or the total cost of the order.
  • Discounts related to certain products
    • You can pick an option "Apply only to the certain product categories" and a discount would be applied only if the user ordered certain products.
  • Delivery Name Option
    • We have added a new option %Order_DeliveryName% that displays a pick-up point name in order.
  • New phone number formats
    • We have added USA, German, Israelite, Kazakh, and Moldova phone numbers.
  • E-mail an Phone Number confirmation
    • Now admin can make users confirm their phone number and e-mail from the admin panel in the user profile.
  • Order Filtration in the user profile
    • Now admin can filter orders in the User Profile.
  • Order Filtration in the admin panel
    • We have added a new value Mobile version of a website.
  • Input Language in Personalized Books for Kids
    • Input Language in Personalized Books for Kids will match a website language.
  • User Search by E-mail in an admin panel
    • Now you can find a user by the part of their e-mail.
  • Display list of orders in an admin panel
    • Now customers’ e-mails are displayed on a page with a list of orders.