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Pixlpark update from 15.12.2020

  • Template Statistics
    • We have added Applied Templates Statistics in an admin panel in an Orders/Statistics. The statistics include templates from the orders that have statuses Delivered and Completed.
  • Integration with SMS provider Turbosms.ua
    • We have added an integration with the Ukrainian SMS mailing service TurboSMS.ua.
  • Integration with Omniva Shipping Company
    • Added integration with a Baltic shipping company Omniva.
  • Integration with CCAvenue Payment System
    • We have added the CCAvenue, Payment System option to our mobile apps, this system works in India, UAE, Saudi.
  • Language URL-constant
    • We have added a special URL-constant (~) for websites that support multiple languages. You will need to add it before links on your websites, so users do not switch to the default language. The link will look like this:



  • The new phrase in a localization
    • We have added a new phrase to the SMS/Localization:
      • Account.SignUp.CompanyLabel – word company from sign-in/sign up form.
  • New option for export templates
    • We have added new options to the export templates:
      • %%Order_DeliveryComment% – comments to the delivery from the admin panel.
      • %OrderDetail_PriceWithDiscount% – the total sum of elements in order with a discount.
      • %Order_OriginalId% – number of the main order in the bound ones.
      • %OrderDetail_MaterialTitle% – the name of a product on a website.
      • %OrderDetail_MaterialTypeTitle% – the name of a category on a website.
      • %OrderDetail_SkuCode% - SKU Code of a product from a Store Module.
  • Filter by categories in Orders
    • We have added a filter by categories for the Orders in the Printing module. In order to enable this filter go to Orders > Settings > Display Orders.
  • Delivery Comments for orders in the admin panel
    • We have added an option to add comments to order delivery in an admin panel. Those comments can be displayed in the export templates with %Order_DeliveryComment% option. If the comment is longer than 5 lines, you’ll need to click on it to see the full text.
  • Additional fields for products in a store Module
    • We have added new fields SKU and left in stock. Values in both fields can be changed only manually in the admin panel.
  • Display price of a page in an editor and calculator
    • Now you can display prices of pages in an editor and a calculator. This option is available if multiple pages and option Price of minimal number of pages is included in the base cost.
  • Display sum of options in an editor and calculator
    • Now you can display the sum of options in an editor and a calculator. For this you’ll need to enable Display full price of options in an editor and a calculator in an admin panel in the product category settings.
  • Employee Roles Description
    • We have added descriptions of employee roles on a page where you add company employees.
  • Calculation of a cover and endpapers in the Preflight Editor
    • We have added an option to calculate cover and endpapers. To turn on this option you’ll need to enable Don’t include price of cover and endpapers in the standard cost based on a print run. If this option is enabled the will calculated the same way as pages.
  • Duplication of Options with Rules
    • Before options weren’t duplicated with their rules, we have fixed that.
  • Rendering in the Photobooks on demand Editor
    • Before, the editor for Photo Books on demand didn’t render export files. Now the Editor will change DPI to the one in the product settings.
  • Delivery name on a website
    • Fixed error with names of a pick-up point: sometimes thew name from the admin panel was displayed in a description.
  • Chezch language in localization
    • Fixed an error that caused Chezch letters change to Latin e.g. č to c.
  • Mobile App filter for Orders
    • Fixed a Mobile App filter for Orders.
  • Forgotten Password Notification
    • Fixed an error with a forgotten password notification not being displayed in an admin panel.
  • Adding product after an option was deleted
    • Fixed an error that happened sometimes after deleting an option and adding a product in a category.
  • E-mail on an order page
    • Fixed an error with a way e-mail displayed in a list of orders on a user page.
  • Order Payment Status
    • Fixed an error with an order payment status. Previously user could pay from his personal account and a bank cards at the same time and after order got Completed status payment status has been changed to Not Chosen automatically.
  • Создание заказа фотопечати через панель управления
    • При создании заказа через панель управления не работала кнопка “Сохранить” в редакторе фотопечати.
  • reating orders from an admin panel
    • Fixed a Save button in photo printing editor in an admin panel.
  • More coupons in a discount
    • Optimised coupon generation speed.
  • Deleting cart contents
    • Fixed an error that caused cart contents to be deleted after user registration.
  • Swedbank dropdown menu
    • Added a dropdown menu for payment options on Swedbank page.
  • Display of an order status
    • Order status used to change only after page reload.
  • Deleting all shipping company address
    • In some cases it was impossible to delete all addresses of the shipping companies.
  • Deleted users in the subscribers
    • After users were deleted they were turned into subscribers and were impossible to delete.
  • Deleting all empty folders
    • After the user deleted one empty folder all other empty ones were deleted too.
  • Repetition of SMS-code for a quick order
    • SMS code was not always sent second time when a quick order is made.
  • URL-addresses in a Store
    • URL-address for pages in a Store were generated with some errors.
  • Pagination in Export tab
    • In the admin panel in the Orders/Export section pagination wasn’t present in some cases.
  • Filter by order date
    • Filter by order in the Orders section filter by date used to work incorrectly with the next day.
  • Deleting empty rule in an option
    • It was impossible to delete empty rule in an option.
  • LiqPAY payment error
    • If a user tries to pay with LiqPAY he is sent back to a website.
  • Options calculated by a formula in a price constant
    • Options calculated by a formula weren’t included in the price constant.
  • Payable amount wasn’t equal to the total sum
    • If there was an option with a large negative percent the Payable amount was different from total sum.
  • Reset of picked options and templates on a page with options
    • Picked options in a calculator and price of a picked template were reset after the user went to a page with the product options.
  • Warning about bad quality of an image
    • In some cases the warning worked for images with a normal or excellent quality that were fitting the requirements.
  • Downloading orders from the admin panel in a Google Chrome
    • Because of a Chrome browser update an error Safe Download is unavailable has been happening if a user tried to download an order from an admin panel.
  • Information about company operations after takeover
    • Information about company operations after takeover isn’t deleted anymore.
  • Link to an original from a Gallery section
    • User couldn’t get a link to the original image in a Gallery.