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Pixlpark update from 12.10.2021

  • Updated service control panel
    • We have significantly updated the service control panel:
      • moved to a new default interface.
      • redesigned the data structure and sections navigation.
      • changed the logic of working with clients (physical persons and organizations).
      • changed some pages and expanded the functionality.
      By the end of the year, we plan to completely eliminate the support of the old Pixlpark control panel interface.
  • New features of the photobook editor
    • Several new features were added to the photo book editor:
      • Realistic photo book preview (upper right corner).
      • Spread manager (bottom left corner).
      • The interface has been improved and several text errors were fixed.
  • Orders downloading to Google Drive
    • Added the possibility to automatically download order archives to the Google Drive cloud storage. This feature can be configured in the control panel under "Orders / Section settings / Download orders".
  • Print products editing via Excel file
    • Implemented the possibility to export/import print products to/from an Excel file. For example, now it is possible to unload all the products, edit prices, and then unload all the changes to the website from a single file. You can go to the page with described functionality by clicking the “Add/ Refresh” button of the “Print / Products” section.
  • Integration with Bitrix24
    • Extended integration with the CRM system Bitrix24 :
      • Transferring registered customers on the website to the CRM system as leads.
      • Automatic payment for an order on the website when it is assigned a certain status in the CRM system.
      • Transferring additional information on the order from the website into the CRM system (delivery, comments, a link to the order archive, customer details).
  • Design creation in canvas designer
    • While creating the design in the canvas designer and selecting the print type with black and white edges, the area of editing will be only the front part and not the whole printing zone as it was before.
  • Cover for the mockup editor
    • In the mockup editor realized the possibility to apply a cover to user-loaded layouts.
  • File naming for the photo prints uploader
    • Added the output files naming support (via hardware). Earlier, this functionality was available only for the gift and mockup designer.
  • Warning about layout with an error
    • On the order page of the control panel appears a warning if the file uploaded through the mockup editor does not pass the error test.
  • The starting month in the flip calendar
    • If the calendar layout has the current year as the starting, then if it is ordered on the website, the current month will be suggested as the starting (not January, as it was before).
  • Payment cards activation in the cart
    • Into the “Orders/ Settings / Checkout settings” section of the control panel, added a new setting “Allow to enter the payment card on the cart page”. This feature allows you to activate payment cards to replenish your personal account on the cart page.
  • Notification for order payment for the company
    • Added a new notification that allows you to notify company employees when a user pays for an order.
  • Surface selection in a calculator
    • For orders created through the gift and mockup designer, it is possible now to make an obligatory choice of surfaces in a calculator . To do this, you need to tick the checkbox “Surface selection is obligatory” in the print category calculator settings.
  • Work with files added via options
    • On the order page of the control panel now it is possible to view and modify files added via options.
  • File uploading into the option in the editor page only
    • In option positions added a setting that prohibits file upload into the calculator. That is, when the setting is activated, the upload will be possible only on the editor page.
  • Tooltips for the calculator drop-down list
    • In the calculator, a tooltip output was added for option positions that were selected through a drop-down list.
  • Option conditions in order processing rules
    • A condition on the presence of certain options and their positions in the order was added into the order processing rules.
  • Phone confirmation during registration
    • In the “Users / Settings” section of the control panel was added the setting “Is user phone required to register”. This function allows the user to enter the confirmation code from the SMS message.
  • Quick order by mail
    • In the “Orders / Settings / Checkout settings” section of the control panel, in the block “Quick order” was added the setting “Enable checkout by mail”. This function allows you to place the order from the cart page without specifying a phone number.