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Pixlpark update from 16.11.2021

  • New features in the photo book editor
      • Taking orders for flip calendars (example)
      • Saving design in the personal account (like in the design editor).
      • QR-code generation and insertion.
      • Rulers and guidelines.
      • Adding text by dragging it from the sidebar.
  • New terms in business rules
    • Two new terms were added to the business rules:
      • On the presence of certain options and their position in the order.
      • On the presence of certain categories or products in the order.
  • File uploading in the HEIC format
    • Added the support of the HEIC format for image uploading.
  • Automatic shipping selection
    • Added a setting for the new page view, that shows which of the active deliveries will be selected by default.
  • Photobank image enlargement
    • In the modal window of image selection, added the possibility to enlarge the image in the “Photobank” section.
  • Manual customer transferring to Bitrix24
    • Added the possibility of the manual transferring of individuals and organizations to Bitrix24.
  • New field in the print category export
    • A new field, ID of the option position, was added to the excel file of the print category export.
  • Admin panel update
    • In the new view of the admin panel, the new interface was implemented and several errors were fixed.
  • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Added integration with a new version of the analytic service from Google - Google Analytics 4.