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Pixlpark update from 25.01.2022

01/26/2022, 09:00
  • New online editor
      • Added support for printing (example).
      • Added support for souvenirs (example).
      • Added 3D preview of products.
      • Changed the mechanism of working with fonts.
      • Added filters for images and text outlines.
      • Redesigned the logic of working with layers.
      • Added the display settings for the side panel tabs.
      • Filters for images.
  • Integration with Redsys
    • Added integration with the Spanish payment system Redsys.
  • Updated integration with Google Analytics
    • Updated integration with Google's analytics system.
  • Tabular view of the order list
    • To the mobile version of the control panel was implemented the tabular view of the order list.
  • File checking in the option
    • For options with file upload was added a check by the number of pages within the uploaded document
  • Notification for order recipient
    • Added new notification for the recipient of the order, whose email can be additionally set on the delivery page.
  • Order recalculation in case of duplication
    • Added automatic recalculation of the cost of the order by actual prices when duplicating it in the personal account or in the control panel.
  • Change of multipage products calculator
    • Added +/- buttons in the calculator for multipage products to input spread number.
  • New parameter in notifications
    • A new parameter %Order_AdditionalFields% displaying the values of additional fields from the order was added for notifications.
  • Original files in the archive from the photo upload form
    • Added a setting allowing to include the originals of the uploaded files into the photo upload form.
  • Photo print editor files naming
    • Added the possibility to customize the naming of the output files in the order archive. In addition to the usual text in the name, it is possible to specify the parameters "{name} - original file name" и "{quantity} - number of copies".
  • Display of all the uploaded files in the editor
    • An “All” tab was added to the modal window of the file upload in the left panel. The tab displays all the files uploaded by the client without filtering by date.
  • Notification for the order recipient
    • Added new notification for the order recipient, whose email address can be additionally set on the delivery page.
  • New parameter in the notification
    • A new parameter %Delivery_AdditionalInfo% has been added for notifications, which outputs the value of the additional fields from the order.
  • New currency in Paysera
    • Added support of a new currency - BGN (Bulgarian lev) to the Paysera payment system.
  • Tabular view of the order list
    • Implemented the tabular view of the order list in the mobile version of the admin panel.
  • New API methods
    • New methods were added to the API:
      • assignOrderToUser - assigning a contractor for the order.
      • setManager - assigning a manager to the order.
      • abandonedCarts - get a list of the abandoned shopping carts.