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Subscription plans with a free connection





Number of websites 1 2 4 10
Number of mobile apps 1 3
Number of employees 1 5 10
Standard updates and support
CMS (website management)
CRM (order management)
Marketing (discounts, coupons, bonuses)
Photo printing editor
Photo prints request form
Custom products editor
Online designer and preflight editor
Finished products store
Product calculators
Design templates
Integration with CRM Bitrix24
IP address geolocation
Support of multilingualism
Priority support
Personal support manager
Unique development
White label
Max. commission per client order $10 $8 $7 $5
Max. commission per employee order 2.5% or $1 2% or $0.7 1.5% or $0.5 1% or $0.3
* Free connection is possible either by paying for a subscription for several months or when ordering a website or mobile app configuration service.

Additional services

Web-to-Print website configuration $500 (30 hours)
Mobile app configuration $500 (30 hours)
Developer services $50/hour
SEO specialist services $30/hour
Implementation engineer services $20/hour
Designer services $15/hour